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Since Costa Rica is famous for its natural beauty and ecological tourism, San Jose is very easily overlooked and underappreciated by travelers and locals alike. However, when we have friends visiting, we always like to show them some of our favorite spots in the city. 

For this quick, 2 minute tour we chose 4 places that make us fall in love with San José every time:

  • Mercado Central and specially the Lolo Mora Ice Cream Shop

  • Museo de Arte y Diseño Contemporáneo

  • Cafetería Inclúyeme

  • El Sótano

 our bUDGET

Mercado Central

Walking through the crammed and colorful alleys of this 100 year old market is always fun. We specially enjoy buying some ice cream at the Lolo Mora Ice Cream Shop

₡4,450 = $7.85

2 medium ice cream cups and wafer straws 

This industrial looking building is the perfect home for contemporary art. It's also very cheap to visit, even for foreigners ($3)! 

₡3,000 = $5.30

entry fee for 2

Did you know it was founded by a deaf person and most of the servers speak sign language? Inclúyeme means "include me" and we think it is the perfect name for this wonderful coffee shop.

₡7,500 = $13.20

2 coffees and 2 sandwiches


 The tickets were $12 per person for an incredible 5+ hour concert that included the likes of cuban jazz musician, Axel Tosca. So, if you ask us. That was money well spent.

₡23,000 = $40.00

2 tickets & food and drinks for 2 people

Museo de arte y diseño contemporáeo


how to get around

San Jose is a fairly small city so all places we visited were at a walking distance from each other.

However, when your feet are tired or it's late at night we recommend using UBER to get around.


It's cheaper and safer than a regular taxi (the red cars.)

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